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I’m William Chow, a 24 year old kid from Sydney, Australia. One of my many passion is hiking, bushwalking, camping and exploring nature. Since I go hiking/bushwalking almost every weekend (and overnight camping now and then), I decided to dedicate a site (seperate from my personal blogging site) to share my adventures on every walk I do, and I hope you feel my passion in my blog enough to do some walks yourself! I will write about my walks, gear reviews, photography tips when hiking and anything else I can think of that relates to hiking!

Ruined Castle, Blue Mountains

My fitness level: Longest hike I have done in one day is 42km over 8 hours with moderate inclination. Longest walk I’ve done (no bush, little inclination) in one day is 63km over 11 hours. I’ve run a half marathon in 2 hours and 11 minutes. I gym about 5 days a week and swim 1 day a week.

My favourite hiking memory: I got to visit Yosemite National Park! It’s been on top of my bucket list since I got into Hiking (which surprisingly, is only last year!). I was there for 3 days, where we camp for 2 nights. Some of the hiking trails we did were Nevada fall via Mist trail/John Muir & Glacier Point 4 mile trail as well as Sequoias walk.

Other things I like to do other than hiking includes: reading, tennis, chess, poker, learning about all things tech, photography, videography, travelling, listening to 80s music, gaming & eating!

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