It’s the easter long weekend! Long weekend means going out of town! It’s me and a friend. Again, I’m the full-time driver. This time we’ll be driving to north east of NSW, up towards Coff Harbour. We left Sydney early on Good Friday, around 9:00am. We arrived at Newcastle around 11:30am for an early lunch, nothing special, just Hungry Jacks. Then continued on towards the M1 Highway. We arrived at Taree around 2pm. Let’s just say, it was a complete ghost town on the Good Friday. All the shops were closed and streets were deserted.

For the first night, we’ll be spending our night at an airbnb in Taree, a cozy home with an amazing view (we’ll get to the view later).

We drop our stuff at the airbnb, and drove to Forster to walk around and have dinner. Later that evening, after dinner, we drove to Wingham Bush Nature Reserve and did a rainforest walk where the flying foxes decided to come home to. Scary stuff haha.

We got back to the airbnb around 8pm, and the host had guest over playing musical instruments. We decided to join them for and picked up some wooden drums and sang along to some crazy country music. Why not?

The next morning, we left early and started our drive north. Today, we’ll sleeping at an airbnb in South West Rocks, as we wanted to check out Arakoon National Park. But first, we drove to Coff Harbour to check out the big banana, have some lunch here, explore the city & the beach as well as walk up Muttonbird Island.

The view from the top of Muttonbird Island!

After that, we started our drive back to South West Rocks, it was only a 1.5 hour drive. There were plenty of kangaroos around this town, that was for sure. There was even one in the airbnb’s backyard! First stop was Arakoon National Park. The Castle. Check out this view from a walk I did near here.

Anyways, as you reach the bottom of the trek, you’ll bump into little jumpy friends!! In this case, we did not hike the 10km walk, as we didn’t have time. We just drove to the bottom.

These little guys are everywhere!

That’s it for Arakoon National Park. Will definitely come back! Let’s go to Smoky Cape Lighthouse! This place was really windy, and we got here in time for the sunset.

the sun behind!
the sun behind!
The sunset view from the lighthouse.
The sunset view from the lighthouse.

You get amazing views of beaches from up here. Amazing stuff. After dark, we got back to South West Rocks Country Club and had some dinner there (steak and chips).

The next day, we started our drive down to Port Macquarie. First stop was Kempsey. Just wanted to check out the town, then later we stopped by Timbertown but there was nothing really special going on around here. We arrive at Port Macquarie around 1pm, had some lunch, walked around the beach, went to do a short walk at nearby forest and visited the Koala Hospital the next morning. It was really cute. The drive back to Sydney was 5 hours down the M1 highway.

What a great long easter weekend! I always love a countryside retreat during a long weekend. You can checkout more photos here.

The AirBnB we stayed in Taree here.
The AirBnB we stayed in South West Rocks here.

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