Saturday 15th May 2021 (White + Red Track)
Sunday 16th May 2021 (Yellow + Jerrara Falls + Mass Cave)

Start Point: Bungonia Campsite
End Point: Bungonia Campsite

Alltrails Stats:
Distance: 12.99 km completed + 7km completed
Elevation: 735 m + 140m
Moving Time: 5:04:46 + 2
Total Time: 5:17:49 + 2
Calories Burnt: 2,147 + 640
Weather: tops of 11’C in day time, partly cloudy

Notes: -> Rob Johnston to provide funny commentary.

Interested in doing this? Here’s the alltrails recording I recorded:–144–61

Check out some photos here of what to expect:

Check out the Relive video here: