Wog Wog CG to Cooyoyo CG via Mt Owen

Friday 2nd April – Monday 5th of April 2021 (Easter Long Weekend)

Start Point: Wog Wog Campground Parking (1:20pm) – Friday 2nd April
End Point: Wog Wog Campground Parking (3:30pm) – Monday 5th of April 2021

Alltrails Stats:
Distance: 74.15 km completed
Elevation: 2,368 m
Moving Time: 25:50:42 hrs
Total Time: Friday afternoon till Monday afternoon
Calories Burnt: 10,918
Weather: Tops of 28’C during the day, Sunny. Cold at night. Cloudless at night. Varies.

Difficulty: 7.8/10 -> Taking distance/elevation/terrain into account. Budawangs was affected by the bushfires last year. Going up Mt Owen and down the other side was quite challenging as the track was unclear, requires alot of scrambling and good navigational skills and rope for the final bit. We did not have rope, so had to turn back.

Track Notes: (Detailed Notes to be added here).

Night 1: Wog Wog CG to Burrumbreet Campsite (camp here overnight)
Night 2: Burrumbreet Campsite to Cooyoyo Campsite (camp here overnight)
Night 3: Cooyoyo to Mt Owen and down camping at an Overhang

Notes can be found here

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