Sunday, October 25, 2020

Start Point: Heathcote Station (8:00am)
End Point: Heathcote Station (4:30pm)

AllTrails Stats
Distance: 27.63km completed
Elevation: 699m
Moving Time: 7:43:13
Total Time: 8:15:42
Calories Burnt: 3393
Weather: 13’C, Rainy, Wind Speed: 24.3km/hr.

Difficulty: 6/10 -> Taking distance/elevation/terrain and weather situation (rain + windy) into account.

The initial plan was to take kangaroo creek from heathcote to waterfall station on the Royal National Park side, but we decided to stay on track going through Karloo Track due to weather condition  (surprisingly, this usually busy track was very quiet due to rain + strong winds).

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