Decided last minute that I wanted to check out the tallest point in Australia, and summer is the best time to do it, so I booked 3 nights at Thredbo YHA in the very last minute, and started the drive down to Thredbo.  The drive down from Sydney is about 5.5 hours and you’ll drive past beautiful towns such as Jindabyne (surrounds a lake). I also got to escape the 40 degree Sydney heat..

Just before driving into Thredbo village, you will stop by the entrance gate (if you have a national park annual pass, you can just drive through, otherwise you will need to pay $17 a day per vehicle that is in Thredbo. For me, that’s $51!). I arrived in Thredbo around 4pm, walked around town and checked out the only supermarket here, where everything was overprice. Realising I have no food on me, restaurants here are expensive and theres a kitchen in the YHA, I decided to quickly drive back to Jindabyne to stock up for 3.5 days worth of food from the Woolworths.

Note: Ensure that you stock up on supplies/food in this town (there’s a woolies here), before driving up to Thredbo because everything up here is ridiculously overprice. There is a good burger bar you might like to check out, I heard they do good burgers and wings, pricey but well worth it after a good day worth of hiking.

There’s not much to do around Thredbo at night, just a pub but that’s it. So I browsed the net and went to bed.

Day 2

Woke up at around 7:30am, made some breakfast (eggs, 2 minute noodles and some soup) and then pack my bag for a full day of hike ahead. The aim today is to hike to Mount Kosciuszko summit. There is 2 ways to hike to the summit from Thredbo. The first is the lazy way: take the chairlift (will cost $31) to the top of Thredbo station, then it’s a pretty simple 13km hike to the summit, or you can start from Thredbo Village. So let’s start from Thredbo village. There are a few tracks up, here’s a map of the walks around Thredbo.

We’ll be taking the Merritts Nature Track up. From the valley terminal, turn right and they’ll be signs around to guide you through to the top. Note, this walk is strenuous and can be physically draining if you are not in fit condition. It is 2 hours of non stop uphill climb, so be prepared and take breaks if needed.

stairs to thredbo station
There’s a lot more steps to go.

There are a few break points with benches where you can pause and catch a breather if required, it is quite challenging so ensure you have your electrolytes for that extra boost. Watch out for mountain bikers as the walking track will overlap with the mountain bike track at certain points. There are also a lot of animal faeces along this track (not entirely sure which animal) so watch your step!

About 2 hours of non stop climbing. Good workout!

As you near the top, the wind will start to come into play, so ensure your hat don’t get blown away! It took me around 1.5 hours to get to the top of Thredbo station, but it may take people anywhere between 1 – 3 hours depending on fitness. Once you reached the top, the weather dramatically change, and if you have a windbreaker, feel free to put it on. I will suggest that you pack one, even if the weather is hot and humid down at Thredbo because up there it is really windy.

From the top of Thredbo station to Kosciuszko summit is about 7km. This is a tourist walk, so expect plenty of people (most of whom took the easy way up – the chairlift) there will be kids, older people etc doing this part of the walk. Majority of this walk will be on grates.

Walk towards the summit.

About 1.5km from the summit, you will arrive at Rawson point, where you can walk towards Charlotte Pass or the other peaks. This is also the start of the main range walk.

For the purpose of this trip and limited time, I will unfortunately not be able to do this walk 🙁 , but I will be doing the 10 peaks next time on my own. (I like to explore things first before challenging myself). From Rawson point to the summit is steady uphill, nothing as hard as the walk up to Thredbo station.

There will be a lot of people at the summit, so I decided to take a 40 minute break up here for lunch, it is the tallest point in Australia after all..

Going back is easy and is steady downhill. I used the Merritt’s Traverse track down to the village instead of the Nature track. There is less steps and is more friendly to your knees. It is 5km down hill and will take an additional 45 minutes compared to the Nature track. Once I reached the village, I gulped down a bottle of protein shake and walked back towards the YHA. In total, I hiked 24kms (4km up to the top of Thredbo station, 13km Kosciuszko summit, and about 7km down from Thredbo station) for a total of around 7 hours.

Made some pasta at night in the hostel, watch Bandersnatch on Netflix, did some coding on my laptop and went to bed.

Day 3

Woke up at 8am today, made the same breakfast (because cheap) and then packed my bag for another full day of hiking. Yesterday, I thought I would never walk up to the top of Thredbo station again due to the difficulty, but decided to do it all over again with the Merritts Nature track. I think I was faster this time around haha.

This time we will not be walking to the summit, but instead we will walk the dead horse gap track. Turn left once you see this sign.

The dead horse gap track is a beautiful walk (I heard it was one of the best in Kosciuszko National Park, so it was necessary to walk it). From the top of Thredbo station to dead horse gap is 5km (2 hours (3 if you’re coming up). It is an easy 5km descend with beautiful views all around. Here are some pictures from this walk.

Once you reach the bottom, to get back to the village, we will continue on the Thredbo River track, which is about 4km of bush walking alongside the flowing river. This is a flat walk and is a great way to relax and cool off. This connects with the Riverside walk/Golf course loops (2km) which will lead you back to the village.

All up, today’s walk is about 16km and took about 5 hours with break, not as demanding as yesterday but the dead horse gap track is truly beautiful, and this isn’t a tourist walk so you won’t walk past as many people 🙂

If I had another day here to hike, I would consider doing the main range walk (which is 32km return and take about 8-10 hours). This starts from the top of Thredbo station though, so if you’re not wanting to pay for the chairlift up, add another 4km (x2) and 2 hours of incline in haha.

I will be doing the 10 peaks multi day hike next time as that will require more preparation, as this time, I just wanted to get the Kosciuszko summit walk over and done with. Let me know what you think!




  • Cooler weather all year around
  • Tallest point in Australia
  • Mountain Biking during summer
  • Probably the only place to ski during winter in Australia
  • Great views all around
  • Multiple walks close to Thredbo village


  • The summit walk can get crowded
  • $31 to use the chairlift
  • 5.5 hours from Sydney

Final Verdict

There's plenty of other walks around Kosciuszko National Park. Guaranteed to come back with my tent next time to summit the other peaks. Nice park all around with plenty of walks and tracks to also mountain bike and the cooler weather beats the hot Sydney summer weather.