Sunday 29th November 2020

Start Point: Hornsby Station (8:20am)
End Point: Chatswood Station (6:00pm)

Alltrails Stats:
Distance: 32.86 km completed
Elevation: 808 m
Moving Time: 9:17:41
Total Time: 9:50:25
Calories Burnt: 4086
Weather: Tops of 39’c, Sunny!

Difficulty: 7.5/10 -> Taking distance/elevation/terrain/weather into account. I have no problem with heat, I strategically planned this walk knowing there are multiple exit points so we can leave at any time if the heat gets to unbearable or we are running out of water.

Notes -> to be added (heat, heat!)

Interested in doing this? Here’s the alltrails recording I recorded:–12

Strava Details here:

Check out some photos here of what to expect:

Check out the Relive video here: