Sunday 11th April 2021

Start Point: Kanangra Boyd Lookout Walk (5:20am)
End Point: Narrow Neck Carpark and Gate (10:30pm)

Alltrails Stats:
Distance: 47.73 km completed
Elevation: 2,364 m
Moving Time: 15:24:45
Total Time: 17:18:32
Calories Burnt: 6,512
Weather: tops of 11’C in day time, 6’C after sunset and morning.

Difficulty: 9/10 -> Taking distance/elevation/terrain into account.

Track notes:

K2K in a day is one of Sydney’s premium challenge track. This can take you anywhere from 12 – 20 hours depending how well you know the track. Someone in our group knew the track quite well and I felt like everyone made quite good pace, but we still finish around 17 hours. In my opinion, the hardest bit was the track down to Cox River, which took us around 1.5 – 2 hours? The track was not easy to find at places, and if I was to navigate myself the first time, it might have took me much longer than 17 hours, having someone who knew the track already saved us quite a bit of time.

I was slightly slower when walking on the offtrack rocky terrain (especially the Kanangra side (I also tripped once and wounded my knee around the 10km mark but no issue), but anything on proper track and any elevation I can fly. Being a track runner in high school, I used my finishing kick alongside some fried chicken wings and fast jogged the last 4-5km of narrow neck. Doing this track on 3 hours of sleep also does not help 😛

Interested in doing this? Here’s the alltrails recording I recorded:–31

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