Sunday 17th January 2021

Start Point: Katoomba Station (9:00am)
End Point: Katoomba Station (7:30pm)

Alltrails Stats:
Distance: 36.33 km completed
Elevation: 1,371m
Moving Time: 8:56:47
Total Time: 10:23:59
Calories Burnt: 3776
Weather: 24’C, Sunny

Difficulty: 7.5/10 -> Taking distance/elevation/terrain into account. This walk is relatively easy as about 70% of it is firetrail. The descent down devils hole and ascent up Carlon Head is what make this from an easy to a hard. Easy for climbers though. There is signboards that says you need rope etc, but this is not require, the chains and metal spikes is very stable (as of 17th Jan 2021). If new to hiking with no experience, please go up Tarros Ladder instead to reach Narrow Neck.

Notes -> TBA

Interested in doing this? Here’s the alltrails recording I recorded:–20

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