Here are the list of all the hikes I’ve routed out on AllTrails myself and have completed this year (starting July 2020 after Sydney lockdown eased), feel free to click on each one for a more indept recap & review of each hike and to download the GPX, get the allTrails recording so you can do these yourself. Most of my hikes outside Sydney I do not host on meetup but do it with either solo or with a group of friends. On occasions I will host a meetup event outside Sydney, such as those in Kosciouszko National Park.

All these of course requires a private vehicle.

Kosciusko National Park National Park – 
1. Geehi to Thredbo via Hannels Spur + Dead Horse Gap (33km)
2. Thredbo Loop via Main Range & Merritts Nature Trail (42km)

Barrington Tops National Park – 
1. Carey’s Peak via Corker Trail + Rocky Crossing (25km)

Warrumbungles National Park –
1. Grand High Tops Loop Trail (30km)

Budawangs National Park
1. Wog Wog to Cooyoyo and back via Mt Owen (75km)

Not so long Hikes

Dooragan National Park –
1. Laurieton Climb + Detour (13km) (AllTrails link here)

Bungonia National Park
1. Red/White Track (13km)


This post is a work in progress and will be updated every week.

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