Marramarra National Park is one of Sydney’s hidden gem. Unfortunately, it is not really accessible by public transport and the only way to get here is by driving. I started the trail from Canoelands Ridge Trail. To get here, it is about a 40 minutes drive from Castle Towers. Really easy to get to. Because of the not so well known nature of this park, you can park your car right near the start of the trail, where the sign that says Gentleman Halt 10km is.

I started this around 9am, and for the next 2 or so hours, the trail is pretty easy to follow. 30 minutes in, you will get an amazing view like the featured image above. Here it is again:

the view on the way back, just before dark!
the view on the way back, just before dark!
amazing view
amazing view
I can stare at this the whole day!
I can stare at this the whole day!

The next 1.5 hours is fire trail, perfect conditions for mountain biking or trail running I would say.

You will eventually come across a sign that says Gentleman Halt 2.7km:

Going into Gentleman’s Halt is through the bushes, so if you’re mountain biking then would need to park the bike out here somewhere. It is a bit tricky, but there are pink ribbons on trees you can follow to reach the campsite. Due to time, I decided not to continue onto Gentleman’s Halt. (I will come back here and camp overnight next time!).

If you walk past the Gentlemans Halt sign (stay on the trail), and keep walking for another 20 minutes, you’ll reach the peak and it is a great place to rest up and enjoy the view. I decided to have lunch here.

Check out the views from up here:

This is a drone shot I took with my DJI Mavic Air

From here, you turn back and walk the same trail back to the start of the walk, where your car is parked. Really straightforward walk. When I did this walk, I only walked past 3 people. 2 mountain bikers and 1 runner. This is a grade 4 walk and if you go into Gentleman’s Halt and back, it should take you about 6 hours to complete.



  • Quiet Walk
  • Good spots for drones
  • Amazing views
  • Free campsite at Gentlemans Halt
  • Not to technical, perfect for beginners
  • Fire trail most of the way, good for biking and running


  • Not accessible by public transport
  • You'll walk past on average 1 person

Final Verdict

Is this worth the drive? Yes. Marramarra NP is one of Sydney's hidden gem and it's perfect for mountain biking and trail running. Expect to see plenty of stars if camping overnight at Gentlemans Halt, which I highly recommend.