Another year, another international holiday. Except this time, I’d have to value my holiday more as having a holiday when working Full-Time is much different than having a holiday during University.

So, after little deliberation..I decided to visit the west coast of the United States of America. I planned my trip around TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018 (wrote another post on this here) so hence, visited the US during September, which conveniently is the best time to visit. As a tech fan, visiting SF was a very exciting opportunity for me. Surprisingly, because of excitement and adrenaline, after 1-2 days in the US, I felt good and didn’t feel the affect of Jetlag.

Here was my itinerary for my trip in the USA:

August 30th – Fly from Sydney 10am, arrive 10am same day SF. Stayed in a cheap hacker hostel ($47 AUD a night) in Daly City on airbnb. Walked around downtown SF, Chinatown, Fisherman Wharf and visited the Presidio at night.

August 31st – Visited Stanford University in Palo Alto. The cardinal game was on at the same time that night, was going to visit but had too many bags with me (bag was apparently banned in the stadium unless it was clear). Walked around downtown SF, went to Lombard Street at night and took some cool photos.

September 1st – Yosemite 3 day camping trip. Absolutely Amazing. (I wrote a blog piece on this experience which I will link here)

September 2nd – Yosemite whole day.

September 3rd – Yosemite whole day. Got back to SF around 9pm. Met a friend from Sydney and we went to the Golden Gate Bridge around 11pm to take some photos. 

September 4th – Had TechCrunch Volunteer orientation early in the morning, after that, with my mate from Sydney, we went down to Palo Alto. Visited Facebook HQ first, then Google HQ, then Apple HQ. Then we had dinner at University Avenue back near Stanford. Got back to my airbnb around midnight. You can check out photos here.

September 5th – 6am volunteer shift at TechCrunch Disrupt 2018 SF. Chose the morning shift so I could finish quicker and listen to presentations. Went to treasure island in the evening, wanted to fly my drone but it was incredibly windy.

September 6th – Another 6am shift. Have been getting an average of 4 hours sleep last 3 nights, somehow I’m still feeling good. We had the TechCrunch afterparty at the midway in the evening. It was really fun getting to socialise with investors, volunteers and startup founders.

September 7th – Woke up at 7am, went to Marin Headlands, walked the whole Golden Gate bridge back to the Welcome centre, did some souvenir shopping and then back at TechCrunch Disrupt. Chilled with a bunch of volunteers at a bar after the event. At night, we went up to Twin Peaks. Was windy, but spent a solid 3 hours up at Twin Peaks taking photos and enjoying the view. It was my last night in SF and was a great way to end it.

September 8th – Took a 10am flight to Vegas with Southwest Airlines. I was going to take the greyhound bus. Good thing I didn’t. Everyone I knew told me not to take an overnight greyhound bus. The flight was perfect, it was half full with plenty of space. Within an hour, I was in Vegas. Took a 3 hour nap in my hotel. Later that night, I rode the Luxor High Roller, got to see 360 degrees of Vegas at night. It was beautiful. After that, played poker at the Flamingoes for about 4 hour. Got up +$400 by the end’s night (3am)

September 9th – Woke up at 7am. Went to the Hoover dam. Engineering at it’s finest. Nevada and Arizona at the same time. Came back around 3pm. Took an afternoon nap back at the Luxor. Walked around the strip and went to Downtown Las Vegas at around midnight to play some blackjack tables in various casinos. I somehow dropped my wallet in 4 queens casino and didn’t realise I’d lost it until an hour later, when I was about to take the bus back to the strip. I panic and ran back to the casinos I’d been to that night. I was thinking the worse, but somehow, someone return my wallet to the security desk at the 4 queens casino, feeling lucky that I got it back, I hit up the tables in the stratosphere. Got back to Luxor at 4am for a 2 hour nap.

September 10th – Woke up at 6:30am..had a full day Grand Canyon tour…fortunately for me, I slept on the whole bus journey. We got back to Vegas around 10pm, and this time I went chip collecting in every major casino on the strip. 

September 11th – Megabus to LA, got to my hostel (walk of fame hostel) at the walk of fame (really sweet hostel, cool environment, clean, lots of free activities and awesome people). Walked around the walk of fame that night.

September 12th – Visited Universal studios, Staple Centre & Griffith’s observatory.

September 13th – Starting to get sick of fast food everyday. Visited Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, The Grove + Farmer’s market, and then went pub crawling at night with the hostel.

September 14th – Hiked all the way up to the Hollywood sign. In the afternoon, did souvenir shopping and relaxed at the hostel. At 11pm, I caught my flight back to Sydney.