• Great views throughout
  • Lot's of opportunity to swim
  • Accessible by public transport


  • Lot's of people
  • Public Transport not frequent

Final Verdict

Great whole day walk away from the city. This walk is about 28km and can take 6-9 hours depending on fitness and how rush you are. Highly recommend to anyone that hasn't done this.

The Royal National Park south of the Sydney CBD, is the second oldest official National Park, after Yellowstone National Park in the US. It has plenty of walks that will keep you coming back. One of the most popular of these walk is the Coast Track. You will definitely see plenty of people along the way when doing this walk as it is well known and offers stunning view of the ocean throughout the walk. You might catch a whale or two during whale season in May – July. The walk is 27km where you can start from the peaceful town of Bundeena or from Otford station.

Let’s start the walk from Bundeena. To get to the start, you’ll need to take a train to Cronulla station. From the station, it is a 5 minute walk to the ferry wharf where you’ll get on to go to Bundeena. It is a direct ferry in which it comes every hour. The cost of a ticket is $6.60 adults and $3.30 for students/pensioners/kids. The ferry ride is about 30 minutes long and quite enjoyable. The first one is at 8:30am, which was the one I took. Once you get to Bundeena, you would need to walk another 20 minutes to the start of the coast track. There will be plenty of signs around directing you to the start.

Within 30 minutes of starting the coast track, you will reach the coast and get a view something like this:

Throughout the next hour or two, you will walk along beaches, metal grate footpaths and get to enjoy the view of the coast along the way.

You'll walk on sand a fair few times along the coast track
You'll walk on sand a fair few times along the coast track
don't fall!
don't fall!
different views throughout the walk
different views throughout the walk

After an hour from the start, I reached the wedding cake rock. This is how it looks like:

There are fence around it to prevent people from getting to the edge of the wedding cake rock. Please respect the sign and do not climb over!

Keep continuing for another 1.5 hours and we’ll get to Wattamolla Beach. This place is usually very busy with families. There are toilets, rubbish bins and bubblers here so feel free to have lunch here. You have completed 1/3 of the track now.

I took a short lunch break here and then continue the walk. I found the next third of the walk to be more enjoyable.

Again, we will keep walking along the coast for another hour or two. There are plenty of photo opportunities. Eventually, we will reach a hill where we will start descending towards Garie beach. It can get quite windy here as you walk towards Garie beach. Like Wattamolla, this is another popular spot where people can drive in too. If you’re looking to surf, you’ll get some waves here. There is also a canteen that sells water and food (at a highly inflated price). I took a short break here as there’s some shade around. This is the 2/3 point.

After that, we’ll be walking up a hill for the first time on this track. Nothing too hard.  We’ll eventually come across the North Era campground, which is where you can camp if you want to stay overnight. Another hour of walking, and we’ll reach the figure 8 pools, which is also another popular spot with tourist. Be careful of water levels if you want to grab a photo. We’re near the end now as We approach the Palm jungle. This part of the walk is under shade and is bush walk. There will be a bit of a climb so take some hydralytes if needed as you’ve been walking the whole day already for the extra boost.

After 30 minutes of climbing through the palm jungle, we reach a fire trail and from here to Otford lookout is an easy 30 minute walk.

Otford lookout

From Otford lookout, you can cut across on Beaumont Rd to get to Otford Station in 15 minutes.

I love this walk, and have done this a few times last year. I would highly recommend this if you have never done it. It will take a whole day and there’s about 40,000 steps. Enjoy your dinner after!