There are many places that you can get hiking gears, from online only retailers to physical stores. Here are a list of places that I have gotten gear for my hiking adventures.

  1. Kathmandu – Kathmandu tend to sell their branded items at a highly inflated price due to the reason they cater a lot to non hard core hikers that just want a down jacket for winter. They have a sale almost every second week. Never buy an item for full price because it will probably be on sale the next week if it isn’t currently on sale. Even at the sale price, it can still be quite pricey. Their down jackets and clothing are decent quality though and they have a strong stance on being a sustainable company so thats good. Make sure you become a summit member before purchasing anything from them. I have a few jackets and clothing from them.
  2. Macpac – This is same to Kathmandu. They have a sale almost every other week. Clothing quality is good but quite pricey. Caters more towards everyday people like Kathmandu.
  3. Anaconda – Much better pricing on their items, and they have a larger range on outdoor activities such as fishing & cycling gears etc.
  4. Wild earth – One of my favourites to shop online on, they tend to have all types of brand (salomon, osprey, black diamond, cooking gear etc) well stocked and have lot’s of clearance goods at great rate. Good customer service as I had an issue with an item purchased and they credited me back with no hassle.
  5. Snowy’s Outdoors – Large range on hiking, camping & outdoor equipment.
  6. Webtogs – This is a UK site but I got really good quality gear at the cheapest price for the particular product I was looking for. For example, I was looking for an Osprey backpack (Nebula & Stratos), and this site had the lowest rate.

There are also a lot more retailers or online sites that sells hiking/camping gear. For example, I bought my illumina amber X tent from for a good price with afterpay available to.

Where do you get your hiking gear from? Let me know where else is a good place to get gears from! Thanks!