Start Point: Woy Woy Station (7am)
End Point: Woy Woy Station (7pm)

AllTrails Recording:
Distance: 38km completed
Elevation: 1007m
Moving Time: 9:30:42
Total Time: 10:48:33
Calories Burnt: 4181
Weather: Partly Cloudy, 18’C, WindSpeed: 4.6km/h (Rain & scattered thunderstorm shortly after 2pm)

Difficulty: 6.5/10 -> Taking distance/elevation/terrain into account.

This is a fairly straight foward hike (distance is no issue for me), and can be done when wet. Do note, there is one section (from the 33km mark on AllTrails, where you will need to go offtrack and walk alongside the coast line if you want to reach Box Head, the other alternative to reaching box head without going offtrack a little bit is at the end of Hawke Head Drive, you take the second track (not the one towards tallow beach trail)

From Woy Woy station, you will want to walk along the waters

Interested in doing this? Here’s the alltrails recording I recorded:

Strava Details

Check out some photos here of what to expect

Check out the Relive video here: